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We took the car to a S-Club drift day at the Meremere drag strip to test the 1j in the weekend.

Had a few problems with it running hot, but Adam and Mark sorted out a solution for that. Also blew another axle, but we have finally figured out the axle problems now, and the rear end feels awesome.
1jz went great, such an improvement, was a shame it was soaking wet the whole day.

Can’t wait for a proper track day in the dry.


Posted May 6, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

20 responses to “Testing

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  1. Is the axle problem related to being too low, thus the axle itself is “stretched” out too far and thus breaking?

    • The problem was when we first narrowed the lower arms, we went a bit overboard. So Adam fabbed up a less extreme version and they work perfect!

  2. win!

  3. Question – who organises these days down at meremere? I am wanting to test my new car in an environment where there arent too many other cars or a more lax day.

    • Its prob best to contact Tarran about them, hes the manager at Firestone Parnell. Him and his mates run the days, they are easily the most well run days at meremere.

  4. shit is soooo proper.

  5. looking good dude! what it like with the solid mount driveline in there?

  6. Still low as haha, Hi Joel, r u coming for the manji on 15/05?

  7. iv never been down to NZ but i would love to be a part of it!

    iv got 2 hardcore 86’s for drifting and would defintly be shipping them down with me!

    who wants to put me up and fund my life? 🙂

    im serious.:)

  8. Can’t even tell its solid mounted Mike! 1j is so smooth.

    No meremere for me on the 15th Percy, hoping to get to the next taupo or hampton day, so saving tyres for that.

    Thanks dudes!

  9. so nice. your like one of the only people who can put stickers on right.

  10. How does the weight up front feel? Did you have to re-tune your suspension because of the new motor?

  11. Solid mount sounds scary but obviously fear is not a factor at C’s. Nice work guys!

  12. The car was all set up for the rb20 that it had before, so it didn’t feel too different suspension wise.

    The 1j is awesome with the solid mounts, so smooth, couldn’t tell it was solid mounted at all.

  13. Such a straight build. Would love to see this whip rip it in person

  14. have you done any thing with the speedo yet

  15. when I saw the weds I really didn’t think this onevia couldn’t get any better …. but wow

  16. Car looks amazing!! Im glad the 1jz is working good for you.

    What coilovers are you on?? Spring rates??


  17. Hi guys,
    A couple more questions if you don’t mind…
    What sort of heating problems did you encounter & how were they fixed?
    What sort of mods did you do to the lower arms?….& any pics would be much appreciated
    I’m just trying to eliminate this sort of stuff before we head sideways etc etc !!
    Thanks Baz

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