Skyline Update   8 comments

Not much has been happening with the R32 lately.

I’m still waiting on some parts that  I purchased back in January, I need those before I can do any cool stuff to it. Hopefully they are here soon.

In the mean time though, my bride pros seat arrived. It matches the rest of the interior nicely I think.


Posted May 10, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Skyline Update

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  1. where do you get most of your imported parts from? Do you buy off yahoo japan etc?

  2. yea the NZ and AUS guys have a great resource in YAJ.

    it’s a bo moon time!

  3. that is a cool seat… stoked for ya that it matches the interior

  4. yea your s13’s but your 4dr r32 is by far ma favorite car of yours…..would trade my s13 for one anyday

  5. Looking forward to more magic from C’s garage this season. Hook a brother up with some decals would love to represent.

  6. awww gangs. mean as have to get my interrior looking like this in my 32

  7. So sweet..

    Jealous … Yes
    Envy… Yes

  8. hook a sister up with some decals would love to represent

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