Goodbye Workshop   17 comments

So our parents sold the property we are currently living in. This means we have to say goodbye to the huge overkill workshop.

Chris, Josh, Alex, and Josh came over last Saturday to help move out.

It started out like this,

This is all the scrap metal we have accumulated over the years, ended up getting some good money for it all too.

We used the tractor and car trailer to load everything up.

Slowly getting there.

We also had a bonfire, I bet Josh that he couldn’t get it started in the torrential rain. He proved me wrong, we needed some cool shit to burn so Josh & Josh threw on Adams bed.

Nearly done.

Done : (

Our parents have brought a nice piece of land in Kumeu, a bit further towards the west coast from where we are now. Adam and them are working together to ensure we have enough room for the cars, and an area to fabricate stuff, so its not all bad.


Posted May 24, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

17 responses to “Goodbye Workshop

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  1. I hope you guys end up building a bigger shed! Old joint was pretty Dope though 😦

  2. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    as above, hope you can score yourselves another big-ass shed

  3. good luck with the move, the last picture as a wallpaper would be so sweet though

  4. find anymore plates under that bed?

  5. the old garage was so cool =(

    but I bet the new one will be even better! =D

  6. Sucks to see such a well known workshop finishing up here guys, will be good to start fresh and redo the layout to make things easier for you though so best of luck.
    from South Australia 🙂 keep up the awesome work

  7. Gay.

  8. Come back bigger and better guys, and keep pushing the standards to new highs.

    See ya on 😉

  9. hey bros..
    good luck with the new place..
    i bet it`s gonna be pretty awesome..

  10. Sad to see the old one go, but I’m sure the cars will still be immaculate- that’s what matters! Best of luck with the move!

  11. Wow total bummer.

  12. Sad to see your workshop go but like others have said hope the new one is better.

  13. rip, og c’s garage.

  14. Uras sucks a big african dick.

  15. GL at the new property dudes

  16. Thanks dudes, the new place won’t be nearly as big, but we are working on setting it up so it will be real nice to work in. Miss that workshop already..

  17. wow, i always figured you guys were rented/owned a warehouse or something. that’s at your house!?! frickin’ ballin’!

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