Turbine Arrived   13 comments

Adam ended up getting his td06 and manifold air freighted from Japan so he could get it all up and running asap.

They arrived yesterday:

He has started to mock up the dump pipe, hopefully its running and tuned by the next track day on the 17th next month.

You can also see the rocker cover all finished and ready for paint prep, heres a photo of it just after cutting.

Posted June 12, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

13 responses to “Turbine Arrived

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  1. So much, Awesome.

  2. really cool doods!

  3. He using the Greddy manifold?

    • Yea but braced up to shit and a flexi in the downpipe, hopefully it doesnt crack. If it does il make up a thickwall stainless one.

      • Very nice. I was thinking of going this route too and only using the turbo and manifold instead of the whole kit. Did you get the internal or external waste gate?

      • Its externally gated, il probably just run a chinese 46mm external to get it running and replace it with a trust or hks unit when one pops up cheap.

  4. Overnighting parts from Japan. 🙂

  5. How come your using two different model rocker covers joined together?

    • Mostly because i think it looks rad but also the s14/15 cover apparently has better baffling to help with blow-by etc

  6. How did you install the fitting to the rocker cover?

  7. So thats where my rocker cover went…… LOL

  8. Cover looks rad as hell @_@

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