Crossmember Mods   10 comments

Im still waiting on a few things to get my turbo setup completed but my car is booked in for a tune next saturday.

Today i dropped the engine crossmember and modified it so that the steering rack is further forward.



By moving the rack forward you can have really aggressive knuckles and a good amount of castor without the tierods over-centering and binding up. This gives you the ability to run more steering angle.

If there is anyone wanting this mod done to there crossmember get in contact with me and i’ll sort you out.

Straight bolt in,  no modification of the steering column or ps lines needed.


Posted June 26, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

10 responses to “Crossmember Mods

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  1. good work adam

  2. I would be so down for this, but im in the US!!! Nice work!!

  3. Nice work. I can see you’ve used some clips or something to hold it tighter, right? Where’d you get these? Is that literally all you’ve done? Just bang some clips on to pull it toight?

    I’d be interested in getting this done. Where you based dude?

    • I don’t really understand what you mean by “clips”. All the mounting points on the crossmember for the rack have be modified to move the rack forward

  4. Awesome!!! How much would it cost?

  5. horse’s for course’s , but i find this style of offset spacer does the job good,
    less work, but cost’s more ?

  6. sweet…i’ll see if i can find a crossmember in akl, so i dont have to send my one up from wellington and pay for the freight twice. cheers

  7. I didnt know how to get in contact with you guys but im keen to design and build some parts, and i was hoping for your guys assistance to run them on your car. They will be CNC billet components.

    Please get a hold of me at to discuss.

  8. Interested in the rack mod, could you please send me details on what you did maybe even extra pics. plz email me when you get a chance. thx and keep up the awesome work

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