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Got my car back from ST Hitec, apart from a few problems with the chinese wastegate leaking everything went really well.

I couldn’t quite believe it when Soichi rang me and said “car made good power, 315kw (422hp)”.

That is on 1.4bar which i wont be running as my motor still has a stock bottom end and i want to try keep it somewhat reliable. I’ll run just over 1bar (265kw or 355hp) at the track.

The thing that im most amazed about is that it makes the same power that i used to run (220kw or 295hp on 1.2bar) now on only 0.7bar!

I’ll do a post on the finished turbo setup soon.


Posted July 12, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

14 responses to “Dynamometer

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  1. thats gonna feel good

    such a huge diff in 60hp

  2. woah that’s awesome!

  3. Nice one adam:)

  4. Fuck!

  5. Nice dude, can’t wait to see it in action!

  6. Dam! thats an ausome result boy, going to be well loose now.

  7. sick!

  8. wow dude thats impressive.. stock bottom end!

    how much laggier than the t28 is this?? 500-600rpm??

  9. Goodbye gearbox….
    It’ll be MAD Fun til then!

  10. Nice power bro! Pitty I cant make Hampton, Will be super tyre frying now!

  11. good stuff! that is a nice power level!

  12. This still on SR20 right? What turbo?? And what else have you done? Response looks pretty dang good!!

  13. Thats sick!

    what turbo setup are you running? and what’s done up top??

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