Pre-Track Day   6 comments

We have been really slack at taking photos of actual progress lately. So heres a bunch of random photos that were on the camera.

Adam rushing to get his engine ready for the tune, and my car with the suspension out. I was working on getting some extra camber out of the front.

Some AN bits and flanges

Stainless dump pipe all finished

TD06 with the 90º elbow welded on

How the engine bay looked, just after the tune. Adams going to paint some bits, and tidy it all up a bit later.

6 new tyres for Adam. 4 neutons, and a pair of Achilles atr’s. We both had a pair of atr’s to try out for this day.

Some window tint for me

and finally Adam putting his car back together the night before the track day after paint. He ended up repainting, the wing, both doors, rear bumper, rear hotroad, sideskirts, and some other little stuff. Still a bit more to paint until its fully tidied up.


Posted July 20, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

6 responses to “Pre-Track Day

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  1. How did you like the ATR’s. Thats what we use over here. Pretty good tire for the price imo. Decent grip and wear. They don’t chunk or peel.

    Love the cars, keep it up.

  2. Can’t wait to see some awesome action, like always.

  3. You guys are COOL

  4. Stoked to see some new pics, love your cars guys! Looks like the new work space is a little smaller than the old one huh? Glad you guys are making do and still rocking! I saw a vid with your cars on Olly’s blog… looking sweet!

  5. You guys do serious work.

  6. Do you have an email to get ahold of Nigel? I’ve left a few comments on his post’s about trying to get some rear strut tower tops like you have but no response back from him
    thanks for the Help

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