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So we managed to get the cars ready for a track day at Hampton Downs last Saturday.

It rained on and off, which seems to be the theme with drift days lately. Winter sucks.

Both cars went ok, but didn’t really get in as much actual track time as usual, lots of cars in each group meant so many yellow flags.  Oh well, another day coming up next month in Taupo, apparently its back to pretty much full track drifting. Can’t wait.

Theres so many local guys taking photos now, its awesome. So I just chose a bunch from the dry runs we got, rains so lame at hampton.

Two mates Shaun (silver) and Josh (black) both came too.

And a video olly threw together.


Posted July 24, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

10 responses to “Track Day

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  1. Great footage. You guys are always killin it at the track

  2. Awesome! … the cars look good … & that steering lock is just insane!

  3. That video is so sick i love the start of it so much.

  4. Awesome new pics!

  5. nice pics! lovin the write up!

  6. blue tint is perfect

  7. Great pics!! what are the chances of getting some 1920×1080 high-quality backgrounds of these? I know the first pic would definitely find its way onto one of my desktops!!!!

    mega props on the MNP type-x!!!


  9. very nice wid and pics man,

    whats the name of the song?

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