Better Than New   5 comments

Brand new clutch disk from ORC arrived.

Flywheel and intermediate plate shot peened and machined.

I also got the pressure plate modified, uprating the clamping force from 2180LB to 3860LB.

You can see how badly the intermediate plate was warped by comparing the old photo, with how much they had to machine off to get it flat again.

Now I just have to get it all in + drive it round on the street a bit to bed it in before the track day next week.


Posted August 13, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

5 responses to “Better Than New

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  1. That finger creeped me out, LOL

    happy to see the new plate, G’ luck mate. :0)

  2. ^ LOL I didn’t even notice that at first! That is creepy!

    Can’t wait to see it back on the road, as always…

  3. I’m jealous. I’ve been slipping a lot lately.

  4. did you order the disk directly from ORC? i just pulled the 709 twin disk out of my car due to ridiculous slippage but as far as i can find it is discontinued.. that single pad looks exactly like the ones in my twin… anyways yours looks great!

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