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Stole a friends iphone and took some photos of stuff round the place.
This wordpress app is pretty damn cool.

Quick photo of the ducting we’ve been making for my car.

BMW indicators, flipped around so it looks like I’m going faster.

Fixing some fiber glass stuff in the sunroom, no room in the garage.

New tyres for Taupo.

Adams car with 18’s up front (getting new tyres put on the 17’s) + he put some stickers on the replacement windscreen,

and the cars squashed in the new garage.

Geez iphone photos are tall, had to resize.


Posted August 17, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

7 responses to “iPhone

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  1. Looking good as always guys!

  2. Hey just wondering what size rim you use on your car Joel?? Im running my Equips 10J -30 with 5 degrees camber and am wondering what setup you use to find grip?? any help would be great


  3. I like the BMW indicator idea. Lookin good dude


  5. how do you post text then picture then text then picture etc from iphone? i can only write stuff and then the pictures are posted after. amazing.

  6. looking good. any news on th R32 😦

  7. HOTROAD Front Bumper should be back on!

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