Billspeer JZX90/JZX100 Ultimate Knuckles   8 comments

We’ve just finished making and testing knuckles for JZX90 and JZX100, the jzx from factory has very little steering lock or feel, making them difficult to maintain good angle.

These knuckles offer a huge increase in usable steering lock and roll center correction for lowered cars.

Due to the extra lock it is recommended you use these with aftermarket or JZX110 Tension rods.

The items will be sent out complete with brand new balljoint and knuckle, so all you need to do is switch these out for your stock parts and align, then youre good to go! We can provide you recommended alignment settings to get the best out of the knuckles.

The cost for these is $450nzd and worldwide shipping is no problem!

To purchase or enquire email


Posted August 23, 2010 by Blink in Adam

8 responses to “Billspeer JZX90/JZX100 Ultimate Knuckles

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  1. Are these also fit sxe10 ( is200/300, Altezza) ???

  2. The jzx and sxe10 are different, but we can supply these to fit altezza as well. Thanks!

  3. would these fit jza70??

  4. minttttt.. i shall get in contact with you guys next week.

  5. do we need to get anything else with these knuckles apart from the tension rods? Do the tierods need to be extended or anything at all?

  6. ahhh damn ow well i just ordered Kazama tierod ends and URAS super tierods. they should be suffice should they not? cheers 🙂

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