Mark & Mel   5 comments

Mark and Mel are going to blog with us.
Mark drives this FC,
with 1JZ.

Mel drives this JZX100.

We do the majority of our car stuff with these two anyway. They used to have a blog too, so its easier to combine as one.

Mark and Adam build all the Billspeer stuff together too.

Our work on the cars has slowed down a bit while we are in the temporary garage, having 4 cars should give us some more to talk about.

We had an awesome day down at Taupo of Friday, will update soon.


Posted August 25, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

5 responses to “Mark & Mel

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  1. more cool cars for a cool blog.


  2. Hey guys! rad time in taupo yeah. Will have some footage of you ready soonish + that sticker.

  3. Cute 😛

  4. Good news! The best blog just got better.

  5. Best FC ever.

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