Ducting   9 comments

A few photos of the ducting Adam made up before the last track day.

Super happy on how it came out, especially since it was all cut out with an angle grinder.

I’ve been having overheating problems, which I think is pretty much due to the cheap Chinese radiator.  The ducting worked like a charm on Friday though, temps were way better than normal. I’m going to pick up an oil cooler too I think, as well as a decent radiator when I can afford.


Posted August 30, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

9 responses to “Ducting

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  1. The best part is the vacuum handle bonnet holder upper.

  2. Looks great !

  3. good stuff man! that oil cooler will help heaps as well

  4. what radiator are you aiming for

  5. looks good bro

    watsup with the skyline

  6. That looks really nice… nice work!

  7. Dude my mates run an SR20 Koyo rad and have no cooling probs with thier 1j’s or 2j’s, no joke it works a treat! 🙂

    Email me if you want more info dude!

  8. Looks mint guys, GW adam 😉

  9. The best part about this post is that you bought LXZ spares instead of a good radiator first.

    I like your thinking.

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