Early Christmas   8 comments

Finally! Ours + friends parts from Japan Arrived.

I took the trailer to go and pick them all up, the car was full too.


Posted September 3, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Early Christmas

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  1. More picks!!!

  2. did your rims finally make it? good stuff!

  3. Sweet! Can’t wait to see what goodies are in there. I just head about the earth quake in NZ- I hope all of you guys are alright!

  4. damn, your boy don’t fuck around with the orders does he?

  5. lol, thats heapsss of parts, cant wait to see more pics! 😀

  6. mmm pics of the parts stat!

  7. cant wait for the “everything’s installed” pics

  8. What’s up Guys they call me WeZo and I’m from northern California. I’m currently building a s13 coupe with a LS1 swap and since I’m going big on the motor I’ve decided to go big an my wheels to 19×10 I’ve looked all over the enternet and to be honest with ya there aren’t that many drifters out there that even think it’s cool let alone have pictures of it for reference. But then I came across a Cs garage post on the net that brought up the s13 coupe like mine with the same wheel set up I’ve been wanting so bad. So now comes the whole reason why I’m writing you guys. I just wanted to ask what are some of the special mods I would have to do in order to run this set up the right way
    And what should i watch out for. Also what would be a good set of coilovers to run with such big wheels. Sorry if my message is Hella long but I’m just really interested in trying to do this and would like to hear from some peeps that have done this before. So if youve read this far thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
    With much respect,
    The 1 N only

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