Taupo 20th August   6 comments

I forgot to do a post about the track day last month.

Chris took a whole bunch of film photos, I think they came out cool as hell, heres a few.

It was the most fun I think any of us have had drifting since we can remember, no one broke down, we got to drive as a group the whole day, and only a small bit of damage due to Mark and Adam’s bumper to door/gaurd tap after a spin coming off the back straight + it was dry!

Theres a whole load of video floating round somewhere, maybe it will show up one day???


Posted September 9, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

6 responses to “Taupo 20th August

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  1. i love your cars so much man, such inspiration, ive chosen my career path because of these rides, so clean and so many parts fabricated beautifuly, i wana be able to make parts like these for my car, i’d absolutely love to see these cars in the flesh one day, trully leading the southern hemisphere in car styling! 🙂

  2. Looking good, I wish Taupo wasn’t such a drive from Wellington!

  3. what are you worried about sean? its only like 6hrs at the most and you’ve got SLIPWAY down there!!

    Nick from New Zealand
  4. Awesome stuff! you got a fan here in the US, let’s be blog buddies?

  5. First picture is tough!

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