No Sexy   4 comments

In the last container was a bunch of my stuff for the FC,

One item of which was a Sexy Style RG bonnet…

Drama! The 1JZ and new bonnet didnt get along so good. with the bonnet hitting the throttle body, plenum, water neck, radiator etc etc…

So being 1 week out from a drift day in Manfield, 7 hours drive from auckland, we decided it would be a good idea to make the bonnet fit.

So after some late nights for that entire week this was the end result

All chucked together pretty quick, still needs a bunch of tidying up, need to polish the plenum and tie up the loose ends.

This is the stock plenum


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4 responses to “No Sexy

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  1. Get a perm!

  2. are those 3/8 gutter bolts on the cam cover backing plate, thus creating a interference fit? 🙂

  3. A pic off the bonnet? ahahha nice one buddy

  4. that shit has got to be irritating hope it comes out all good in the end

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