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So in hindsight 19x10j on the front of an r32 probably wasn’t the greatest idea. But we managed to make it work anyway.

I switched the rears to 235’s and the fronts to 225/35’s, I would have liked to gone to a smaller profile, but was on a budget, and no cheaper brands do 225/30.

I forget how many times we cut and welded the front camber arms, this photo was after the first time, I think we ended up taking around 30-40mm out in the end.

The camber arms worked good, managed to get enough camber in the front. The rear wheels fitted up fine, no major changes needed.

So after all that, it now drives. Its good to have all the parts back on again.


Posted September 25, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Making Stuff Fit

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  1. looks dope

  2. Good work. One sick machine.

  3. ASAP plz!

  4. hard out! how much camber are you running at the front now?

  5. Do you have problems mounting tyres on the Model5s?

    I have such a pain in the ass with even a 235/40 on my 10j

  6. Yeah rob, hard wheels to get narrow tyres on. It took like a 150psi blast from a bead blaster to get those 225’s on! Not sure exactly how much camber mike, but by eye, looks around 4 degree’s, probably a bit more even.

  7. making wheels not rub with r32 front suspension is so much harder than with s13.

    I’m assuming it rubs a bit at full lock, no? I’ve struggled with mine for a looong time. Tucking ain’t easy!

    Looks great man. 19’s +BN sports is a beautiful mix..

  8. Looks sick, I can dig it!

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