Parts Arrived Part 3 feat. Garage S   12 comments

The main thing I never liked about my car was the janky stuck on bonnet vent, and I had wanted this bonnet for as long as I can remember. After searching on yahoo for over a year to no avail, I finally splashed out and managed to get hold of one.

As soon as we got that trailer load of parts home I got to prepping it so that Adam could paint it up. We cleared out the garage to get it painted before the Hampton day a few weeks back.

Since I’d run out of the original yellow, I had to get a new batch mixed up. The new paint wasn’t coloured matched very well, and the bonnet ended up being a bit more yellow that the rest of the car, its not too bad, but I think we will get more mixed up and respray it at some point soon. We also had some problems with the bonnet not liking the 1jz, nothing major like Mark though. I’m just happy its on the car and yellow for now.


Posted September 29, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

12 responses to “Parts Arrived Part 3 feat. Garage S

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  1. What Brand/Style is that Bonnet? Looks rad.

  2. if god drove a car, he would dive your S13 man lol 😛

  3. wait! maybe you are god?.. hmmmm……

  4. super jealous about this

  5. just wanted to say im a big fan of you and your brothers work, the yellow coupe is such a well executed car, and the fact it gets driven is also awesome. i admire you guys’s work ethic and hustle. my brother and i are also doing our best to make it in the car game out of love and passion for having fun and creating exciting and stylish design. big respect from me as you guys are an inspiration! i will continue to follow and enjoy!

  6. hey joel man

    i miss this

  7. Much love for new parts, cars are killer!! can you please update to your blogroll, its updated from the old blogger account. Thanks

  8. mind me asking what bn kit you have on your car? T-II front, skirts, and rear?

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