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So after the last track day at Manfield Adams car was looking pretty beat up.
Mark pushed Adam into a sweet mud bog, pretty sure we got it on video.

He Finally got round to painting the front bumper after fixing it a while ago.

We picked up some new guards, as the old ones were pretty beat. Adam did a load of panel beating on them, and they came out pretty dam awesome I think.

He also fiberglassed up all the missing chunks and cracks from the sideskirts, they look brand new again.

And a quick photo of everything painted and back together before we loaded it on the trailer for Taupo tomorrow. Ill try get a photo of it before it gets too beat up.


Posted October 7, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

5 responses to “Body Work

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  1. add some n1 vents to the old oem bumper @_@

  2. You boys want a 5mm aluminium plate sump guard / skid plate? Same as Part Shop Max design……. I have made 4 for s14/s15 and about to make some for s13.

  3. Looking proper, man. I really need to lower my front… wish we had HOTROAD in the states!

  4. paint code please!

  5. I love the way you guys fuck shit up and fix it in now time. Definitely inspiration to get off of my ass and fix my rig. Great work as always guys!

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