Skyline, Final.   27 comments

So I’ve always knew at some point that I had to get a car that I could tow my yellow car to the track with, since I was sick of borrowing peoples trucks (and they were probably sick of me using them).

This means that I have to sell the skyline, and get something a bit more ‘grown up’. I’ve had all these plans for this car, including much needed new paint, but after waiting ages for the wheels, time has kinda run out, which sucks.

Chris came and took some photos before I ripped it apart to start selling stuff.

I had a bunch of cool parts collected that I never got to put on the car too.

I’m getting rid of all the parts separately, and selling the car stock. Let me know if you want anything.


Posted October 8, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

27 responses to “Skyline, Final.

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  1. No please DONT!!

  2. So awesome

  3. So sad. Nice to see proper photos before it is gone. Would have been nice to see this evolve like your other car.

  4. sad that its going, but if it needs to go, then thats final i guess. goodluck with all the sales etc. 🙂

  5. sucks,if i could id buy as is

  6. another bummer :/

  7. Put a towbar on the Skyline 😛

  8. how much for the rims/ rims specs

    • I’ve already sold a pair, if your interested in the other pair leave your details and Ill get back to you. Sizing is 19x10j +19

  9. shame it had to go! especially since you had like no time with it all together

  10. What are you selling?? 🙂

    Sad to see it go though, it was definitely an inspiration for me.

    • Pretty much everything you see thats on the car man. Yeah sucks I have to sell now, as its nowhere near how I wanted it to turn out, oh well. I just saw a photo of yours, looking real good man.

  11. shit is piff

  12. hey bud
    shoot me an email with a link to the for sale thread if you got a min


  13. give me a email bro

  14. what coilovers are you running??

  15. How much for the standard car? I take it it’s just a 25 or 20 DE. LSD? What coil overs are in there? Cheers

  16. Fancy shipping it to the States?

  17. Hey bro how much for the headlights? and half remember you had some eastbears for it too? if so keen on them too

  18. love the look of this skyline bro, trying to convince glenn to get some descent wheels and turn his r32 in to something similar

  19. How much for the seats, if you would sell thoses?

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