Manfield – September 12th   9 comments

Man, we have been so bad at updating lately.

Heres a few photos from a patchy wet drift day at Manfield a while back.

Manfields about a 7 hour drive from Auckland, it was our first trip down there. Its a super cool track, big 4th gear sweeper, linking into 3rd gear winding corners, then down to the hair pin.

Marks headlight cover didn’t work right on the first run.

Craig (Marks Dad) on the hairpin

Theres not many days down there, hopefully that changes coming into summer.

We’ve had a few track days since then, ill dig up some photos/video and try to catch up.


Posted October 18, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

9 responses to “Manfield – September 12th

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  1. So rad, cant wait to see footage!

  2. SICK angle in those first two pictures!

  3. Any idea what size/offset wheels mark runs up front with the knuckles?

    I bought bilspeer knuckles for my FC (+ slip on rack spacers) and get very slighty rubbing against my front swaybar at full lock.

    running 17×9 -7 offset up front, whiteline swaybar.

    • Yeah man, Its common for the sway bar to interfer with lock on FC’s. You can either remove it and run without (which alot of guys seem to do), or cut a section out of it and shorten it for more clearance. Mark runs a shortened stock bar, clears at full lock.

      • i was thinking of running no swaybars with 10kg/mm front springs, 9kg rear?

        does that sound alright?

        currently got 7/6kg on tein mono flex

  4. Hey man, 10kg up front is good, I run 10/8kg with only a front bar, but also have the 1JZ. with 13B id go no sway with 10/8kg! Depends on your height too, if your car isnt really low you could use softer.

  5. its not very low, thats with the mono flex set to full hard, starting to squat a fair bit in the rear.

    thanks for the advice 🙂

  6. hey guys, who would i contact or where should i look for more pics from this trackday? i attended also, great track, semi great day! much appreciated!

    • Keisuke came down with us and got those photos. Give him a yell on (his blog). Great track indeed!

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