Small Update   9 comments

Two more rack relocations all finished up

One RB cross-member, one SR.

Also Adam broke third a few weeks ago down in taupo, so a new gearbox is in the works.


Posted October 27, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

9 responses to “Small Update

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  1. Rack relocation done for other people I take it? Z32 time? 🙂

  2. Hey sorry to sound like a noob, what do the rack mods do?
    Cheers, Chris

  3. Rack mods allow for no Binding to happen at full lock when running Modified Knuckles.

  4. Oh cool, thanks for that, How much to do the rack and modify the knuckles for a KRR31? Oh and do you need to tub the front inner guards/wheel arches?
    Thanks, Chris

  5. Tubbing is only really needed pending on the wheel & tyre size and how much Castor you wish to run.

    Im sure Adam could do something up for you 😉

  6. do you intend to sell the “fixed” headlight joel has? im really interested!

  7. How much for the rack relocation? you dont have a spare modded s13 crossmember lying around you could sell? and how much for the lower arms modded?

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