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Heres the s14 that I’ve managed to get my hands on to drive. Its parked up at our friend Ewans place where we are staying for the first week or so. He organised the car for us, and is storing it, so thanks heaps dude.

I landed Monday night, so after waking up Tuesday morning my mate Damian and I ripped into getting the front steering setup out of the car, so I could put in the knuckles and tie rods that I brought over in my luggage (never doing that again, lugging them from Tokyo to Nagoya by train was no fun). It was Damians 21st birthday on Tuesday aswell, so huge thanks for helping.

Ewan had some tools, but we kept discovering tools that he didn’t have that we’d need, so we ended up making a few runs up to the local Furniture Dome, which is like a Walmart type shop, that has a sweet tool/automotive section.

The car needed a new battery, after sorting that it fired to life perfectly. It seemed to run really well, and everything looked in order with the engine.

Heres all the old stuff out, except the tie rods, and you can see where I cut the lock stops of the lower arms. I only had a cutting disk for the grinder, so doesn’t look the greatest haha.

After getting the knuckle setup in, we found that the wheels hit the castor arms at like half lock. The front tyres were big 235/40 neovoa’s, and the wheels weren’t very offsetted. We ran down to the local up garage, to grab some bolt on spacers to get the wheel away from the arms, I wasn’t keen to spend too much more on this kinda stuff, but hopefully it’d pay off in the end.

Up Garage is sweet, Ill post some more photos on our next visit, we were in a bit off a rush since the sun goes down here really early, and its fully dark at like 5pm.

The spacers helped, but still the wheel would still hit the castor arm at no where near full lock. Decided to leave it for now and get everything else ready, so I could deal with it at Mehian the next day.

We went out to find a tyre store to chuck a bunch of Federals that I had brought 0nt0 the  spare wheels. By the time we got back it was getting pretty late, and we had to be up at 5am to make the 1 and a half hour drive out to Mehian in the morning. So Damian and I roughly adjusted the front toe, so it would drive straight on the way there as it was massively toeing in, then called it a night.

This wasn’t the best stage to be at with the car at midnight before the trackday. After spending all the money on tools, the battery, parts, tyres and other stuff, and still not having the chance to take the car for a drive, I was stressing a bit.

Ill update with how Mehian went when I get the chance, pretty hung over at the moment, and we are heading out to see a bunch of workshops and hopefully some port drifting tonight.


Posted November 19, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

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  1. that s14 is splashy,

    hope to see a side view @_@

  2. I’m soooo jealous! Looks like a lot of work but should be worth it with the first wall tap haha! Good luck man.

  3. Badass

  4. all I can think of right now is if you tried to bring arms and knuckles into the states in luggage you would get full body cavity searched

  5. Hope the day went well dude, I’m picking the car’s coming back home? Should be an awesome!

  6. Should be an awesome addition to the garage – is what I meant to say!

  7. Damn.. Port drifting. That’s action most people never get to experience in the flesh. Enjoy it! Very jealous.

  8. That bonnet is so mine.

  9. I like the RED sticker.

  10. Time to do another post joel.. im itching here lol

  11. How long are you guys over in Japan for? I’m headed there in two weeks!

  12. David Grole

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