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I didn’t really have time to get on a computer and type up some posts while we were travelling, but now we are back, here is my attempt at catching up a bit.

After the hectic afternoon/night getting the car ready, we woke up at 5am to try finish the car and load up the van for the journey to Meihan. I quickly got the toe right in the front of the s14, and a few other small things to get the car driving. Although I still had the problem of the wheel hitting the caster arm, I thought we may as well get to the track before addressing that, as we were already leaving Ewans later than we had planned.

It took me a while to get used to Japanese roads, the intersections and traffic lights are a bit different, but it was pretty dam fun driving the s14 through the tiny back roads of Nagoya. Once we got onto the free way, I quickly realised that tolls in japan, cost alot.

Chris was driving Ewan’s awesomely tiny Suzuki Every 660cc van, which went surprisingly well, you just had to ring it out a bit haha.

Heres the car parked up next to Ewans Every at a parking area just off the free way. We grabbed some drinks and food, one of the coffee vending machines had a camera inside, with a screen outside that showed the coffee being made/poured, it was pretty sweet.

The trip there had some pretty awesome sights, while heading over one Nagoya’s huge bridges we had a good view of just how large their port and industrial area was. This amusement park had one of the largest wooden roller-coasters in the world apparently.

Ewan pointed out a blue sign on the side off the freeway, and told me that it was a warning that there is a speed camera ahead. I couldn’t believe this, not only was the speedlimit 60km/h, and you didn’t get ticked until you were going around 150, but they warned you that a speed camera is up ahead.

Japan is AWESOME.

After the hour and a half drive, it was pretty relieving to finally see this.

Geez, this post is a bit long, and I haven’t even gotten to the driving yet. Ill leave you with this photo, and finish the rest of the day soon.

Thanks to Chris for all the photos. Check his blog for a bunch more photos from the trip.


Posted December 16, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

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