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So as we turned up, Nakamura and a few other D1 guys were parked up in the corner.

I can’t explain how happy I was to finally see this guy drive.

Ewan introduced me to his good friend Shane, an ultra nice guy who seems to be the guy to know with drifting over there. He quickly sorted out my entry for me, and introduced me to Erin, who runs a parts importing company in Australia. Erin was the one who organised the day, so thanks heaps man.

I got the car up in the air to try and fix the rubbing problems. I ended up cutting some spare silicon joiners that we had lying round, and wrapping them round the tie rod ends to reduce the lock and keep the wheel away from the castor arm. After getting the car on the ground, we realised the the 235/40 Neova’s rubbed everywhere. I raised the car a bunch, and put a pair of my spares on the front, I just wanted to get out as soon as possible.

I didn’t get out on the track until after lunch. As I was lined up to get on track, one of the D1 guys jumped in the passenger seat. I still don’t know his name, he spoke no english, but he drove the white M-bro’s s15

Meihan is too awesome, it was a dream come true to drive this track.

I had no idea what he was trying to say to me, but after the first session I got Shane to translate for me. Apparently he was trying to tell me to “enter hard, and slide all four wheels, then use the foot brake to slow down.” and also too “get as wide as possible, and try get the rear of the car to hug the outside off the first corner the whole time”, haha chill out.

I took it kinda easy, first time driving Meihan and the car. It was the most awesome day, the car went well all day, engine felt strong, and got to see Nakamura and friends be all Nakamura and shit.

Thanks to Erin, Ewan, and Shane for sorting everything.

More soon.


Posted December 17, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Japan, More Meihan

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  1. haha chill out.

  2. Ha, cool

  3. being all nakamura and shit. yes!

  4. Loving the updates! Been a dream to drift in Japan.

    Greetings from the US!

  5. Erin and Shane do magical things.

  6. Very cool trip, man!

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  8. M-bros guy is Seimi Tanaka (I’m 99% sure).

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