Container coming soon, get in quick.   6 comments

NZ dudes,

We are bringing in a container from Japan soon, and thought I’d offer you guys the chance to get some cheap shipping.

Ewan, of is organizing the Japan side of things, including his normal parts sourcing. I’ve been getting parts from yahoo, and straight from a few japanese companies through him for over a year now. Awesome service, cheapest prices we have found, and knows his stuff.

Heres a few example shipping prices, we’ve worked hard to get it as cheap as possible for everyone, the prices are awesome:

– 2 wheels $100 up to 16″ with or with out tires
– 4 wheels $200 up to 16″ ” ”
– 2 wheels $150 over 16″ with or with out tires
– 4 wheels $250 over 16″ ” ”
– Bonnets $150
– Bumpers $150
– Lips & side skirts & wings $100
– Spoiler kits $300
– Engines $300
– Gearboxes $200 packages $250
– Diffs $80
– Coilovers $100
– Small boxes of what ever $20 – $50

The only other costs you need to allow for is the postal cost within japan, and Ewans small commission fee for organizing, sending funds, packing etc..

You won’t have to pay the NZ shipping cost until just before the container lands here.

Ewans been getting stuff of yahoo for NZ guys for years now, so we can get anything, from Yahoo auctions, parts from Upgarage/autobacs, to brand new parts (greddy, hks, bodykits, etc.).

We are planning on getting the container packed and on the boat by the end of January, so make sure you grab what you want now, so no one misses out.

ETA on the container is 3-6 weeks from then.

Email for quotes etc.
email me at with any other questions.

Make sure when you email Ewan, you let him know the parts are for our container, so he knows to quote you the good prices.

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6 responses to “Container coming soon, get in quick.

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  1. Who’s jealous? ^^^ this guy!


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  3. hey bro, how much space do you have? be keen as to jump on with you guys

  4. damn this is too good to pass up for you NZ guys! If you have extra stuff send it to the states lol!

  5. Hello my name is Morgan Beresford and I’m part of the team I am sending you this message after seeing your blog / site, really cool! Would it be possible to do a banner exchange for publicizing each other our blogs / sites?

    Best Regards

    Morgan Beresford

  6. hi buddy loving the blog on vimeo, just wanted to say a big hello from london, uk and check out my site
    top work guys, craig western

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