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There were alot of rad drivers and cars at Meihan, heres a few of my favourites.

M-Bro’s S15, Nakamura and also one of the old Supermade demo cars popping its nose in.

After watching Jesse in videos for years, it was cool to meet him and see him drive his new s13. He drives Meihan ridiculously well.

Also one of the Aussy guys was lucky enough to grab the ex Big Win JZX81 to drive over there.

This s15 drove awesome all day.

326 kitted s15 was my favourite “street” car by far, he didn’t stay long which kinda sucked.

We managed to see a few runs however. Its amazing how clean the car was after seeing how gnarly he drove.

I still can’t get over Nakamura’s driving. How consistent he is, is what shocked me the most.

One of his Burst team mates was pulling off  awesome entries in this rough s13,

which got even more awesome when they started doing it together.

Akinori Utsumi, which most of you will remember from Nightzone, now drives this onevia.

T04Z is helped along with some nos.

Utsumi pulled off some of the most ‘backward’ entries of the day, the grip these cars have is amazing.

Quite a few nice cars popped by to watch.

After someone spun ahead, Mr. M-Bros (still don’t know his name) had to bail out into the tyres. The hit wasn’t too major, and he was out driving on Nakamura and Utsumi’s doors again within no time.

No idea who was driving this Origin s13, but with huge power and amazing entries he was awesome to watch.

Same again with this guy.

And finally, a video Chris whipped up. All photo credit goes to Chris aswell, as I was too lazy to buy a camera.


Posted December 21, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

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