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While we were in Nagoya, we payed a visit to Nozumu Sakai and his friends at Motorfix. It was pretty unreal to see their cars in the flesh, after seeing so many video’s and photos all these years. Nozumu explained that he was a fan of the site and that he had us on his favorites on his computer, which was a pretty awesome suprise. I tried to explain to Nozumu how famous him and his friends  Corolla’s really were, but I still think he doesn’t really have a clue.

We went to check out the D1-west Divisional drift day at YZ east course a week later.

Sticker on the back window! and he also scribbled Beeoneoneoh in pen too, cool!

Nozumu also gave us a few of his stickers, so I returned the favour. Thanks again Nozumu, we will definately visit next time we are over.


Posted January 4, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Joel

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