Corolla: Rear Suspension   10 comments

I took the leaves to get reset, and a bunch of leaves added. While Adam picked up some shocks to suit on the way home from work.

All installed and the rear is ready to go. Oh wait, not ready to go as we are changing the diff setup soon… But you get the idea.

Posted January 20, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

10 responses to “Corolla: Rear Suspension

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  1. love this build keep it up

  2. You’s are working fast!

  3. Should have come and see me for that shit bro!

  4. If it was a Hamilton build, it would haven taken 3 years to get this far.

  5. this is cool!

  6. awesome build, where did you source the the extra leaves?
    I see the shocks are kyb but what the part number?

  7. Ohhh i really hope you respond to this comment. ive been finding extra leafs for my rear for a while now and cant come across any..can you please let me know what leafs you used for your rear setup? thank you much!!! keep it up!!!

    • We got the leaves flattened and more added at a specialist spring company over here. Any company that deals with leaf springs should be able to help?

  8. awesome build! i was wondering where in Auckland you took your leaves too? also the KYB part number? cheers

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