Roadster Knuckles   13 comments

This is our friend Nicks MX-5

Last weekend, while he was up north enjoying the sun, we hi-jacked it to make up some knuckles.

Getting it into the garage was easier said then done. Our driveway looks more like a rocky mountain path at the moment, so we loaded the car up onto the trailer, then unloaded it straight into the shed.

Here are the Knuckles all finished, we didn’t have any black spray paint handy, so we will let Nick spray them. Since its a street car, black helps come warrent time.

Comparison (excuse the backwards tread).

We couldn’t believe the difference the knuckles made on Monday. With the only changes to the car being; BC coilovers, a locked diff and the Billspeer knuckles, 2nd gear manji’s were no problem. With a bit of power, it would be awesome on a big track. It’s by far one of the most fun cars any of us have ever driven.

It was awesome to see Nick’s driving progress so fast throughout the day too.

Argh ….Must not buy MX5.


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13 responses to “Roadster Knuckles

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  1. Thats one sweet MX-5… you guys are good with knuckles… Do buy an MX-5

  2. Guessing these knuckles won’t be for sale like the others, though?

  3. I want another NA ^^ soooooo fun!!

  4. small na cars are bullets!!! i loved my e30….

  5. I’m so happy that NZ is picking up on the MX5..
    Only a matter of time before there is a Shit load of them..

  6. i always think of the movie “cars” when i see miatas. so cute

  7. Awesome job! That is a really good looking car…

  8. this car seems as tho it would b a shi* load of fun but…… correct me if im wrong but as of a couple of years ago this was the receding hairline mid life crisis car for old cocks haha (in nz that is) funny how we sheep the rest of the world aye. im not hating on this specific car i just dont think ill ever own one

  9. this is great. 🙂

    and you should probably get a miata. just leave it stock… 😉

  10. What are the wheels and tyres sizes/offsets?

  11. Choice to see some sweet roadsters in NZ. Need to get mine mint too

  12. Good stuff guys!

    Red on 01 is always a classy combo!

  13. I am def going to need some of these for my MX-5!!! 🙂

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