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The black S14 I was driving in Japan belonged to Adam. He was importing it to build up the shell, while another mate used the engine.

The last track day I drove was a day at Suzuka Twin that Rob told us about. We managed to get Jesse to go too, as he said that he “only likes Suzuka Twin in reverse.” Lucky the day was being run in reverse then.

I can see why he liked Suzuka backwards. It has an entry which is kind of like a reverse Mehian, super fun.

It was awesome to meet up and drive with these guys too.

I managed to kill Adams shell during the second session. On one of the runs with rob, I understeered down the wall on entry. As I went to turn late, the back came round and I ended up backing it into the island on the outside of the corner. Ultra lame/odd way to stack it, so I was pretty bummed. Adam was all good about it, after I emailed him that night, he replied saying “Sweet, you owe me a shell”.

Soo, we managed to pick up this:

Now we just need to get the corolla finished so there is some space in the garage to start on it.


Posted March 8, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

9 responses to “S14

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  1. Sweet deal, man.

    This is gonna be good! 😀

  2. Going to keep it PFL? Color decisions?

  3. with the help of who? cheers for the plug haha

  4. make sure it is as awesome or more awesome than the black one you trashed in japan hehehe…

  5. S14 people are now 😀
    S13 people are still :*(

    haha, I’m sure you will make this car just as awesome, Adam!

  6. PFL!

  7. a new C’s Garage build on a blank canvas S14, awesome!

  8. So excite! Can’t wait to see how the S14 turns out.

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