Corolla: Diff Clearance   5 comments

At the height we wanted it, the diff and drive shaft hit pretty much everything. So Adam decided to go to town with the angle grinder.

Cutting out the body for the diff.

Block off plate made to join the floor and the under body.

Rear section of the drive shaft tunnel cut out, with the new tunnel mocked up.

And heres it 90% finihed, with the new tunnel and raised floor section complete. Theres a little bit more welding to go before seam sealer and paint.


Posted March 9, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

5 responses to “Corolla: Diff Clearance

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  1. A dude over here did the same thing in his old 86. But he did it sligthly different, and I think he cut away a whole lot more from memory.

  2. You guys are insane. I love it

  3. Some beautiful work going on there boys!

  4. Too legit. I look forwards to seeing the final product.

  5. Impressive. Should make equal length 5 link boxes and lose the leaf springs

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