Corolla: LED’s   14 comments

While Adam’s been chopping up the Corolla, I’ve been busy working on a bunch of the lights.

Posted March 11, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

14 responses to “Corolla: LED’s

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  1. are these going in the tail lights?
    i was going to make some but got lazy

  2. I’m planning on making some LED taillights for my S13.. any more info on these would be awesome mate!

  3. Hey, where’d you get those LED sets?

  4. I’m quite interested if its for the rear lamp!

  5. Awesome, keen to see some photos when you guys are done.
    Ive been thinking about doing this for years but im just too lazy also lol

  6. im new to this kinda stuff. but ive got a wagon like yours… you inspire me alot man. the car looks super dope…

    Im so interested in doing this to my car. can you give a good description of how you made those…. or just make me a set and sell em to me. i can paypal you the money… let me know what you think. Ill pay you for the tails and turnsignals like you did.

    Jarrod Brown

    • Ill send you an email man, theres a set of tails on our local auction site for $30NZ that I could snap up for you.

  7. I want the LED tails too!!! Those are awesome!! Where is your local auction site???

    • I meant there are a set of factory tail lights on our local site, that I could buy, and convert to LED for him.

  8. I want those LED’s for my wagoooon!!!!

  9. hey man keen as on makin these for my s13 could u email me how?? and im a huge fan u dudes put nz on the map keep killing it

  10. C’s Garage, how much do you want for the wagon LED tailights? Please let me know. They should be shipped to El Salvador, Central America. Thanks in advance.

  11. just a question, where did you get the pcb boards and what type of pcb board are they, because i cant seem to find any that you can cut and bend without them breaking.

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