Corolla: Tail Lights   14 comments

Finished. The photo doesn’t show it, but they are bright as hell.

Posted March 15, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

14 responses to “Corolla: Tail Lights

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  1. info plsssssssss. i must know!

  2. That is so cool. What were the specs of the LED’s and where did you get the boards from?

  3. haha it has begun, are you regulating the voltage? and how many volts are they running at?

  4. Yessssss

  5. Do mines next!

  6. Getting inspired, might have to do the sedan lights

  7. oh btw guys, i have this nice thing if you want it. It’s a thread to buy a board that allows you to run two light outputs, so like 65% for parking lights and 100% for brakes, and such.

    I’ll find it and follow up

  8. It’s not the voltage that kills LEDs, it’s the current that you have to worry about.

  9. yooo i just saw the posting on speedhunters. i was curious what rear suspension setup its on (or plan on running?) I am currently on rear leaf on mine as well so just seeing what you are running on. thanks! keep it up looks awesome!

  10. I’ve been following the build since the beginning and might say it came up as awesome as all your other cars!
    I wish we could find KETO’s in here (wagon or not). Anyway, when are planning to first drift it? I’m looking forward to see some drifting action caught on video soon!

  11. Want those step by step instructions badly!!

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