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Stance decided to jump on board and help us out this year. Perfect timing with Adam about to build his S14 and all.

This is awesome, as we have both actually wanted a set ever since Stance first released the XR’s.

This arrived in the mail a few days ago:

Stance XR’s for S14

So impressed with the quality already. Everything from the actual shock itself, to the locking collars is so much chunkier than what we are used to. Swift springs are a big bonus too.

Looking forward to running on them from now on, and getting a set for the yellow car as well.

Huge thanks to Stance for all the help.


Posted March 25, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

8 responses to “Stance USA

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  1. Sweet deal!

    Man Swift Springs are legit, ill be getting some in the future for sure! What rates are they?

  2. mmm i want some of their 2 ways… hell of a price though :S have to let us know if they are worth it (sounds a bit like it).

  3. Nice I see that you finally go them! I was hoping that they would get to you ok and not all mest cause of the shippers! ohh and the reason I know this is cause i work for stance i was the one that pack your coilovers. hope you like them and if you have any questions just call us and we will help you out!!

  4. The people over at TougeFacoty/Stance are great guys. You’ll throughly enjoy the XR’s

    • Thanks man! Our number one thing at touge factory is customer satisfaction and making you guys happy by helping you out in anyway!! And we try to have fun at work so it doesnt always have to be all about business and we try to keep it a chill relaxing friendly place.

  5. They look like beautiful suspension and swift springs definatly the business, really looking forward to some feedback about how the preform? Would love a set of XR’s but that price in NZ dollers shore will hit the bank hard

  6. Yea your looking at $250 bucks just for shipping.

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