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Chris sent me this a while back. Some European guy modelled it, I think its GTA San Andrea’s? I can’t believe people do this kinda thing.

And just spotted this on Speedhunters, talking about the new need for speed:

“The yellow color was partially inspired by one the C’s Garage S13s BTW.”

Pretty cool with white TE’s. Needs more lock!

Forza 3 still beats everything at drifting though, huh?

Posted March 29, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Joel

11 responses to “Gaming

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  1. GT5 online. That said, I’ve never played forza 3…

  2. always been a gt fan, but yeah, forza beats everything for skidding

  3. Forza 3 hands down!

  4. i refuse to believe thats on San Andreas

  5. hey joel
    just wondering but how did you guys cut out the bumper?

    i wanna do mine but i’m scared i’ll fuck shit up and i gotta rent the tools so yeah

  6. You should ask for royalties.

  7. Live for Speed is by far the best drifting sim out there, forza is total crap compared to it

    dont bother if you dont have a wheel tho lol

  8. My car ^ ^
    thanks for posting his picture here on the blog
    thanks Joel and Adam

    ah I’m Brazilian 😀

  9. Yes, it’s Cesar Mulsanne’s car, he worked very hard to it and it’s for GTA San Andreas. Much people is doing mods for it, but the community is dying.

    Also, check my blogspot D:

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