Billspeer Hyper Steering – AE86/E70   13 comments

The knuckles for the corolla are all finished up.

First of all we extended the lower arms.

Heres the AE86 knuckles all welded up. Adams made a jig, and is going to be selling these from now on. The jig can be adapted to suit most older Toyota’s as well.

Designed to give more lock than the factory power steering knuckles. This is the result with the Billspeer knuckles and AJPS rack spacer installed.

Modification is done to your stock parts, contact for ordering or more info


Posted April 10, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

13 responses to “Billspeer Hyper Steering – AE86/E70

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  1. I still don’t understand the mechanics of you how the steering arms work.
    but its amazing that you can add more lock like this… very cool.

  2. ffffffuuuu…….. thats like 500 times more locks than mine……. you guys are awesome

  3. I like the look of that! like HEYMAN product. Your outer tie rod hits the lower control arm on full lock ?

  4. I really like where this is going.
    Might have to try myself a set of these to rate them against ps arms.

    Top work guys!

  5. how do i “get at you” for a set of ae knuckles?
    i am in the states.


  6. Do you not hit at full lock? More pics behind the wheels.

  7. I would like to purchase some of these. How do I do this?

  8. Hi, All enquiries can be sent to


  9. Do we have to send our lca’s and knucles or do we receive new ones

  10. You will need to send us your knuckles to modify, then we will send them back. Thanks

  11. hey mate would u b able to fabricate drop spindles for my a31 cefiro?i want my car slammed to the ground but want it to have good handling?holla back im in nz

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