Corolla: First Outing   6 comments

Taking this car to the most drawn out race tracks around, didn’t seem like the best way to test it.

But a day popped up at Hampton Downs and the Corolla was ready-ish, so we decided to take both cars down.

Apart from the 3.9 diff and the stock caster it went awesome. The engine seems strong, it’s loud as hell and super fun to drive.

On the second to last session, Adam kept his foot on it over a ripple strip and the result was:

So we picked up two more axles.

And it seemed like a fitting time to upgrade to a 4.7 ratio as well.

Next up is adding some caster, then trying again.


Posted April 25, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

6 responses to “Corolla: First Outing

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  1. I see a yellow car!

  2. Get work done.

  3. any videos of the corolla?

  4. You need to fit an Lsd or you’re gonna need more axles than that.

  5. Keep up the awesome work!

    Your build has made me knock the dust off of my 4 door wagon and get it back out!

  6. Hi ive got a rear hatch that would be a good spare ive been trying to sell it on trade me for ages need it gone and would like to donate it let me know if you want it im out west cheers

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