S14 Dolly   5 comments

The corolla is looking more and more like a car nowadays, so time to get started on Adams new car.

Since theres going to be a whole lot of work under the car, and we lack a hoist, Adam decided to build something to make work a bit easier.

First up was a square tube frame,

then added caster wheels and paint.

Rolls around with ease and each wheel has an individual brake. Super handy.


Posted April 27, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam

5 responses to “S14 Dolly

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  1. Hey adam … Nice Zenki
    man I’d like to model it, a few months ago, I modeled the onevia of Joel …
    I wonder if you could help me in shaping Zenker, sending me pictures of the preperation of the car, the stickers among other things. I can count on your help?

    Check my blog: mulsanne-autocenter.blogspot.com
    My Email: ooouuhh@hotmail.com

  2. in for the gang bang

  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how did you get the car on the dolly? im extremely curious.

  4. What’s the paint code for that midnight purple?

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