Phone Dump 1   8 comments

We have been horribly slack at updating lately. Adam’s been busy on the s14, and I’ve been getting ready to shift to Japan for the year.

I managed to finally find my way to Osaka yesterday, and am currently tired as hell from being up for 22 odd hours and a short sleep.

Heres a bunch of photos from my phone.

The front of the corolla pulled apart in preparation for a drift day last Saturday.

Shortening the castor arms.

Pre alignment, haha, forgot to get a shot after it was done.

Annnnd the very last run on Saturday.


Posted May 17, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

8 responses to “Phone Dump 1

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  1. ewan mentioned you were coming to japan for the year. best of luck. i leave on saturday 😦

  2. arrrr bummer, how much was taken off head? was it still a free running engine?

  3. Taken the head off yet?

  4. Hey Joel are you doing a working holiday in Jp?

  5. So have you checked the head yet?

  6. how much did u shorten the castor arms by?did it make a big diference?

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