S-Club Manji Day   5 comments

We took the corolla down to Meremere dragstrip for a bit of fun on Saturday,  an awesome way to say goodbye to NZ.

The castor still isn’t right, due to the chassis being pretty dam bent up front, it meant that the 20mm taken out of the arms wasn’t really enough. Which meant we had to man handle the steering wheel during switches. Such a change to the cars we are used too, although I’ve never had so much fun at a manji day before. Heres a quick vid of us trying to get the hang of it mid way through the day.

Excuse the lack of bonnet, the radiator wasn’t doing its job properly.

I wonder if Adam has inspected the head damage yet, fingers crossed it’s a.0.k.


Posted May 18, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Corolla, Joel

5 responses to “S-Club Manji Day

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  1. the DX sounds mean guys… lovin the way it looks too!

  2. its great to finally see some video of the corolla drifting.
    sounds awesome and looks awesome too hahaa
    great build guys on the corolla
    i was just wondering.
    do u guys have anymore c’s garage stickers by any chance??

  3. You’ve made that thing soo cool I feel like I have to get one now! How much chassis bracing do you think would be needed to use it as a tow vehicle with say a 1UZFE in it? I think it would be the perfect way to pull my S13.

  4. Managed to get one of those pix up at Driftworks.com

    That thing looks like a fucking beeeeast

  5. ae86 strut tops have less caster than ke70.. A KE top mounts the shock almost 20mm further rearward.
    Which is why your having trouble getting castor into the front end..

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