s14 intercooler setup   3 comments

Ok, so I’ve been super slack with updates on the build of my new car, so i’ll try catch up to where I’m at now with the next few posts.

Picked up a china 600x200x76mm intercooler and mounted it under the radiator support.

I really don’t like silicone bends in intercooler piping, so I cut off the inlet/outlet and tacked on 2 cast elbows.

Hot side all tacked up, 2.5″ piping

Cold side, 2.75″

All done ready for final welding


Posted June 16, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam

3 responses to “s14 intercooler setup

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  1. Lookin good dude. Excitted to see progress

  2. Awesome work Adam, im of the same opinion of limiting silicone bends in intercooler piping! Looking forward to more

  3. How much power are you looking at? Conservative or similar power to what the 180 had? My car maxxed out at 304kw with one of the reasons being that the intercooler was too small (450×300) unsure whether the length on yours would make a difference or not?

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