s14 low mount ps pump   4 comments

Ive seen this done on few cars and thought it was a pretty sweet idea.

I wanted the ps pump down low not only beacause it helps make the engine bay look all cool and simple but it also allows for easier routing of the intercooler piping/intake.

I made up this adapter which bolts to the engine then the pump bolts to the adapter using the stock bracket.

The pump all mounted up.


Posted June 20, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam

4 responses to “s14 low mount ps pump

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  1. Will you make some more? I would like 1 if you were to make a bunch up! Also what size Belt you end up using after relocating to a lower position? šŸ™‚

  2. yeah man that is definately a cool idea… if i bin my aircon i could be keen for one also

  3. That’s such a great idea man! Let us know if you make some more. I’d love to run a setup like that. I’m also wondering what size belt you used?

  4. Put me down for one too.

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