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I’m pretty bad at writing anything worth reading on the best of days, and since it’s always late when I get round to updating here I figure I’ll just dump a bunch of photos from my phone each time (only the car stuff, I won’t bore you with the rest).

I took the new car for a test drive to the mountain ranges to the south of where I’m staying.


The roads around this area are amazing.


Everything is looking pretty good with the car. It goes as well as you would expect from a stock sr (read: slow), there are few small problems that won’t be hard to fix. I’ve got a lot of time these first few weeks to mess around with it.

This is what I’m working with:

This tape is/was everywhere





You should see behind the front bumper. I’ll grab a photo next time its off. Like the wires below but times 10.




This car should be fun !


Posted June 21, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

6 responses to “First Drive

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  1. Ghetto JDM tuning, a friend of mine bought a PS13 and the wiring was so messy he had to take a machete to enter the car.

  2. Would you like a car w/ that tape, wires & clamps lol.

  3. Careful, that tape looks structural 😛

  4. haha dang, that’s pretty crazy…

  5. Wow that’s bad, good luck! It’s a pretty sweet car though.

  6. Nice car boy! Just needs a little tidy up, at least it serves its purpose. Would be awesome if you could get some vids or pictures of the local mountain roads when you head up next!

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