First Week   8 comments

Track day prep on the first week.



The Yashio Factory coilovers the car came with had big springs + keepers, which meant the part shop max camber arms I was trying to get in fowled on everything.


New shorter springs + part shop max gear in.



Lunch; Moss Burger with melon soda.


New fronts, always wanted G7’s.


Inner guard stuff. Moving wires and bashing stuff.





Jesse taught me how to do tyres, the tyre machine at his is the best thing ever. I managed to pick up some cheap 215/40 rev specs to start off with.


Dinner; miso ramen.



Posted June 26, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

8 responses to “First Week

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  1. So cool, G7 looks good

  2. Favorite wheel of all time!

  3. Jesses bike is cool hey lol

  4. I cant understand why they used keeper springs when the spring perch is ajustable?!

    • so that when droop travel is in play the main springs stay properly positioned and dont fall into a bad position upon compression again.

      the G7’s look mad upfront too, coming along quite nicely 🙂 cant wait to see more pics of it all 🙂

  5. What size are those g7’s?

    look like 9/ 9.5?

  6. Melon Soda! One of my favourite little things about Japan.

  7. panasports – one of the greatest wheels ever!

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