Billspeer Hyper Steering, Version 2 Testing.   3 comments

The day before I left Adam fabbed up a new set of Billspeer Knuckles and extended lower arms. It’s twice now that I’ve made the trip to Japan with a bag full of car parts, and I don’t recommend it at all. This time I was picked up from the airport though, so it wasn’t so bad.

The new set of knuckles are designed to give the most amount of lock possible on cars without modified steering rack mounts.

On cars running stock cross members with after market knuckles, binding from over extending the tie rods normally occurs. This version are designed as a bolt in and go item, no other changes other than slightly longer tie rods are needed.


This set of lower arms have been extended 25mm each side, normally these knuckles would be sold with stock length lower arms. I went for the extended version as  I wanted the extra camber and room gamed. I didn’t have access to longer tie rods, or tie rod spacers before the track day, so I just got the knuckles in there for now.


The car came with a bunch of bad sized emotions which I used for spares. Here’s the tyres put on and ready.


1am, need to leave for Meihan in 6 hours.


Getting fuel, 2am-ish. Car aligned in the car park. Ready-ish. Sleep time.



Posted June 30, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

3 responses to “Billspeer Hyper Steering, Version 2 Testing.

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  1. livin the dream. awesome stuff mate!

  2. hey, looks awsome, turning it into a really cool car man. And i was also wondering how you are allowed to drive on public roads over there, like do you need some sort of temporary licence?

  3. Mean, will be interesting to feel the results of the version 2. Pansports look cool.

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