Taupo trackday   2 comments

Before i pulled apart the s14 that arrived in the container i thought why not drive it first.

Friday – I came home from work and took to the rear quarter with a sledge hammer, wound the coilovers down and threw on some wheels that i borrowed off some mates.

Saturday – Meet up with Waz and the slipway boys to get an alignment in the morning. Thought id try something different to what i normally run, 0.5deg positive camber and 6mm total toe in on the rear. After that was all done we made our way down to taupo.

Sunday – This was probably the best trackday that ive been too,  super cool relaxed atmosphere, awesome track layout and the car went really well.

The only problem a had all day was breaking an axle but i had a spare so wasn’t a major.

And here is a video from the dudes at zeroclass

Huge thanks to Picket for running the day!


Posted July 1, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam

2 responses to “Taupo trackday

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  1. NZ tracks look like fun! How’d you find the new alignment? More stable?

  2. looks good!

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