Billspeer Hyper Extended Lower Arms + ETS Super Lock Spacer   5 comments

I spent the other day getting the lower arms I lugged over with me in the car.

Adam fabbed up the arms for me before I left. 25mm extra each side.


Nigel was kind enough to send over a pair of his super lock spacers. I used these to extend the tie rods to suit the new arms, awesome to have the big steering rack spacers in there too. Waay cheaper than all the Japanese companies equivalents as well.


Old vs. New


New lock with the Billspeer Type 2 knuckles .



I took a trip up to Nagoya to do some street stuff and test it all out. It rained really heavily most of the time, it felt like drifting in a typhoon. Next time i’ll check the forecast I think.

Posted July 12, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

5 responses to “Billspeer Hyper Extended Lower Arms + ETS Super Lock Spacer

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  1. hey man, did you change tie rods with those spacers and lower arms? or is that pretty much swap the stuff in and align it

  2. ahaha i love that last pic. love ewans little van so much

  3. So the extra 25mm makes them even longer then S14 / S15 arms?

  4. Hi mate did u fit super lock spacers to both sides

    • I did due to not being able to source any longer tie rods quickly. I would recommend longer tie rods, rather than 2x rack spacers though due to the rack no having enough play to compensate.

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