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Just before Joel left for japan we did a S-Club drift day at Meremere in the wagon. On one of the last runs of the day the cambelt snapped on the little 4age.

Which resulted in this….

I picked up some new valves and got a local shop to seat them and setup the shims.

Keisuke from 86 Fighters organised a trackday down in taupo for the day of the 86.

I got the motor back together with a new cambelt, tensioner and camseals the night before leaving.

The Sunday of the trackday it decided to piss down with rain, but it did dry up near the end of the day which was cool.

Thanks Joe and Chris for the pics, and Keisuke for organising the day. I had so much fun, I love drifting these little cars!


Posted August 15, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

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  1. Good work getting it fixed up and back out there man! Looks absolutly awesome on lock in the pictures

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