Corolla: Engine swap   7 comments

The first job on the corolla was to swap out the standard 4k-e and auto box for the 4age out of the wagon.

Here is how the engine bay looked before i started.

Pulling the motor out.

And the 4age sitting in the engine bay.

When i mounted the 4age in the wagon i used the stock crossmember and made engine mounts to suit.

I was never really happy with the end result so i changed up the mounts for the sedan. I copied the way mark did his ke/sr20 engine mounts.

First i cut the stock brackets off the crossmember.

Then bolted up the stock ae86 engine mounts to the 4age, cut the crossmember brackets down to suit and tacked them in place .

The crossmember is now in the car all welded up and painted




Posted August 30, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Corolla

7 responses to “Corolla: Engine swap

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  1. Some quick work there, looking good boy! I loved the wagon but looking forward to seeing this progress

  2. the paint still looks in pretty good condition… is it? are you going to be keeping the factory colour?

    • Its still pretty good, just the usual sun fade. Im probably going to give it a good cut then try colour match the twinlight front panels as best as i can.

  3. cool thanks for the in detail pics of the mounts im about to tackle mine shortly, you planning to deloom the bay as much as possible?

  4. hey man, just a random queston, what are you doing with the dizzy off the 4K?? keen to sell it?? haha thanks man!! 😀

  5. Do you folks still have the wagon shell?

  6. hello bro i was start project my Ke70 place engine 4ag and i follow you steps cut the crossmember and fixed naa my problem now is pump clutch can you upload few step for mod for pump clutch..because my old clutch using cable 🙂 please help or add me msn

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